Magic of Breath

There comes the breath – our anchor and the key to “here and now”. Breath is like a mirror of an inner state. By consciously changing and managing your breathing pattern you can manually slow down or fasten the energy flow within – that way harmonizing your body – mind – spirit connection.

Automatic breath = automatic life. Manual (conscious) vs. automatic (unconscious) breathing.

Did you know that breathing is the only mechanism in the body that can be both – either voluntary or involuntary? Meaning, that either your hormonal system is running your life or you willingly change the breathing pattern, that way changing your hormonal system (how you see, feel, experience, and perceive your life).

There comes the saying “You are the creator of your life”. By learning to navigate your breathing consciously, you become your own creator, sustainer, and destroyer. Each of us is an ever-changing being of nature. Change is a natural state. Wholeness isn’t a stagnant state.

When we learn to navigate our inner world, we open up to courageously live and create our lives moment by moment without controlling every step, aspect, or thing from the fearful mind.


"In the transfer of breath, the inhalation must be deep. When it is deep, it has great capacity. When it has great capacity, it can be prolonged. When it is prolonged, it can descend. When it descends, it becomes calm. When it is strong and steady, it becomes steady. When it is steady, it grows. When it grows, it reaches upward. The secret power of Providence moves upward, above all. The secret power of the Earth moves downward, into the depths. Those who follow it will live. Those who act against it will perish." 

Inscription from the Zhou Dynasty era, carved in stone.