Meet Dita

I have traveled around the world and lived away from my home country Latvia for many years. Souls inner urge never allowed me to settle down for too long as something deep within was moving me to discover more than I was being told about life. This diversity was and still is leading me to connect and soften inner dots and edges of perception. My journey through outer search, experiences, and choices has led me to inner expansion by accepting, healing, transforming, trusting, and loving myself. This living wisdom has taught and helped me to create a safe space for others who are searching, longing, and looking for those missing pieces outside of the minds box. The way out is by going in and through.

I started clearly hearing and knowing the answers to my souls questions when I did my first Rebirthing breathwork therapy session in 2015. It took me deep into my psyche beyond the walls of “I don’t know”.

Year later I completed Rebirthing Facilitator training and brought the first conscious breathing seed to Latvia and co-created Rebirthing school there. They call me the mother of Rebirthing in Latvia.

Since then I have been facilitating Rebirthing sessions, courses, and retreats in numerous countries, including Bali, India, England, Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Costa Rica, and Spain.

Even though I have studied and attended a great number of studies, my biggest learning has come from the “school of life” and 1000+ hours I have devoted working one-to-one with clients, as well as facilitating courses, workshops, training, and retreats in person.

Professional training & background include:

1. Rebirthing Breathwork facilitator training, Thailand.

2. Bachelor in Physiotherapy, Sports Academy, Latvia, (1,5 years)

3. Personal Trainer studies, England

4. Classical massage therapy,

5. Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage course, Thailand

6. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) training, Thailand

7. Art of Belly dance – teaching and performing, England

8. Shamanic Reiki Usui, Costa Rica

9. Qi Gong level 1&2

10. Inner Engineering, Isha Foundation, India

12. Primal – Childhood deconditioning workshop, Czech Republic

13. School of Life with approx. 50 amazing countries explored and lived.

13. Two crazy accidents as major “wake-up calls”.